Mistress HEELena is a Czech domina and a Foot Fetish Mistress based between London and the Middle East.

MIStress HEELena has always craved to lead an alternative lifestyle. Years ago, she found what she was seeking and has not looked back since.

I may be renowned as THE Foot Worship Goddess/Mistress but be aware that I am currently recruiting masochists to satiate my sadistic tendencies, amongst others.

Stating the obvious – I am young, attractive, sophisticated, seductive…. And the not so obvious – I am also cruel when I feel the need; imaginative, demanding and unpredictable….sometimes approachable and down-to-earth, sometimes the nasty arrogant bitch you so want to surrender your control to and serve.

Shy Novices/virgins: I am your first choice. You will not regret it.

I pride myself in an individual approach to my subjects resulting in bespoke sessions.

My aim: creating an unforgettable experience we will both enjoy – I may provide a service, but you will not enjoy it fully unless the fun is shared.

Visit my website for a comprehensive list of activities I enjoy and do not annoy me by requesting activities I do not indulge in (sexual services, nudity on my behalf, watersports, hardsports, needles, enemas, wrestling, switching etc).


domestic or dungeon in central London.



Feel the urge to submit now? If you are fortunate enough, I can see you at an hour’s notice but generally allow more time to avoid disappointment.

I session every day from 9 am – 9pm (see my blog for updates) with a few exceptions.

Double Sessions:

please contact me for more details

Personal Items Sale:

Worn shoes, PVC boots, flats, worn stockings, lingerie, SEX TOYS – email with your requirements.


For current non-negotiable rates email domina-heelena@gmx.com

Show appreciation:

Presenting me with gifts will open that door to a “special” relationship with me. How “special” will depend on how hard you will try to impress me and pamper me.

Respect my particular tastes. Avoid those typical “easy to come by” gifts such PERFUMES, ALCOHOL, WINE OR CHOCOLATE! I neither drink nor splash myself with commercial perfumes. My wishlist should guide you if in doubt. Selfridges/John Lewis gift vouchers are the best bet if you don’t have time to consult with me. Most surprise gifts (except books/spa vouchers) are usually recycled so do not even bother.

Contact Details:

Know that I am very selective – if you don’t make a good impression upon first contact you will not be given another chance.


I am not a “career Mistress”, however, there is nothing else in the world I would love to be occupied with nowadays other than enslaving, teasing, trampling, torturing and humiliating those who crave and deserve it! I suspect I will be retiring in couple of years so do not miss your chance…


domina-heelena at gmx.com