Chastity slave reveals… part II


For the next two hours my cock attempted to grow with some difficulty and pain! My pre cum dripping out of the cage as she would force one, followed by two, three and four fingers up my arse to suitably stimulate my prostate and release all that had built up during the last 3 weeks of captivity.

I had bought along with me a very nice bottle of quality champagne. Primarily for my own Dutch courage, however Mistress decided to fill one of the glasses with her own sweet golden champagne! And after fixing an open mouth gag on me, would decide if I was good she would pour some very nice champagne into my mouth, however if I did not obey, which she made it difficult to do so I had the pleasure of her very sweet golden nectar. Another first for me!!

This meeting was always going to be a prequel to the main event the following day!
I had planted a thought in her mind some months prior about meeting up for an “alternative” session to her portfolio of services with a third party. That’s normal you may say, but the third party was a superb looking Asian shemale with a very wide 8inch long cock!!

That day she kept me in chastity until our guest arrived and for an hour tormenting me prior to her arrival. The shemale thought the entire situation highly amusing and soon joined in the fun, at my expense! She had the most fantastic body, immaculate smooth dark skin, best set of fake breasts I have ever seen (but not as great as Mistresses) and unfortunately for me, a fucking great big cock! This didn’t take much guessing as to where it was going to go!!

Mistress removed the tip of the cage, leaving the base ring in place. My cock didn’t need asking twice as to whether it could grow, and grow it did. Biggest erection I have ever had! Unfortunately with the base ring still in place the pain was intense, my balls turned a deep red with the blood trying to force its way through as the ring became tighter and tighter around the base of my cock and balls.

I was fully aware Mistress was in complete control of the session. I was dying to be released in full and would do anything to unload 3 weeks of pent up frustration, tease and torment! Again Mistress was enjoying this in its entirety as in order to get released I was forced to suck what was at the time a reasonably flaccid shemale cock. “Suck it, Suck it” she demanded. You want cum you can have cum, it just wasn’t going to be mine! Yet another first, sucking a “guys” cock! It then grew, and grew and grew. I soon had respect for any girl that could deep throat any size of cock as I gagged on this 8 inch wonder.

I could see Mistress was beginning to enjoy the session, I knew she liked a big cock and often enjoys telling me the stories of her lovers with pussy stretching jumbo jets! And then sadly laughing at my poor excuse for an object for female sexual gratification.

The pain wasn’t to stop there. On my back, pillow under my arse to raise it off the bed and in it went with a very loud scream from me as she forced her cock right up my arse and beyond!! Being an anal virgin, yet another first!!! The pain was immense as she stretched my arse way beyond it had ever been before. As she pumped furiously for her own satisfaction Mistress wanked my cock bringing me to the most intense orgasm I have ever had. There was spunk flying everywhere!! Especially over Mistress’s cum covered fingers which I had to lick clean after they had been wrapped around my cock.

I then became very concerned as Mistress spoke to the Shemale in private. They put me on the bed, tied my arms and legs together and then put on a very tight blindfold that I could see absolutely nothing out of. To this day I do not know what exactly happened, but can only guess from the moans and groans from both parties Mistress’s passion for big cocks and fascination of shemales had been fulfilled. And I didn’t/couldn’t see a thing! Whilst I remained in this incapacitated position I can only assume it was the Shemale that sucked my cock to its third orgasm within the hour!

Still Mistress H’s No.1 Sad Sexless Chastity Slave.



1hr session with Mistress Heelena and a T-girl – £500 (£200 + £300)