Chastity Training – part I

Mistress HEELena is a very intellectual, mesmeric individual who has the ability to tease, torment and frustrate to the point of explosion. Although she promotes herself as a very experienced foot fetish Mistress, which she very much is, she is currently adding to her portfolio of sessions!

Her significant looks and hourglass figure showing off those delightful full breasts are enough to drive any hot blooded male into continuous wanking or in my case as I was becoming very drained, self imposed chastity!

Having arranged a date during one of her many business trips to the Middle East I became at her mercy by putting myself under her sole command. I foolishly locked myself up I sent her the keys and then proceeded to suffer under her complete control for the next three whole weeks. Always in anticipation but in fear of what was going to happen. Concentration when someone else is in complete control of your cock, and its orgasms, is very difficult, especially at work! As she reminded me on several occasions “All your orgasms are owned by me!”

She would send me provocative photos and emails that would set the blood pumping. Each night I would lay there visualising the photos and our next encounter. My cock squeezed into the cage would attempt to grow in all directions, my balls would turn a deep red with the excess blood trying to force its way to the tip of my cock. At night the pain was excruciating, cock throbbing and balls aching. Following this continuous torment and tease from Mistress the excess build of cum would start to drip from the tip of my cock out of the cage.

Having sent Mistress both keys as requested I became concerned of their arrival at their destination. My fears were significantly raised when on her return from her latest business trip she took great joy in informing me they had not arrived!! Mistress was highly amused and not surprisingly uninterested in my concerns. I thought she was joking but then she sent me email with a picture of the letter from the Post Office saying they had not been delivered due to lack of postage! Panic over I think!! Not quite sure how much longer this virgin chastity slave was going to last?

In a masochistic way I was almost enjoying the first time experience of being caged up and looked forward to the ultimate release I had hoped I would receive at our next session, but with Mistress HEELena there was never ever any guarantee!

Leading up to the planned day of my release and having resolved the postage issue the anticipation was growing, my cock tried to, but couldn’t! I was in town and had arranged for a session late evening. Mistress arrived in the hotel lounge looking stunning as ever and a site for sore eyes and a caged cock! She sat down looking at the noticeable bulge in the front of my trousers and laughed at me, then promptly in full view of others around us placed her delightful, delicate feet between my legs to feel the caged cock and continue the torment and tease. By this time I could definitely feel the cum dripping out of my cock and was ready to explode!

“Have you got the keys I said”, “no” she replied. “You are joking?” She must have been, but she wasn’t. Mistress had left keys at her home!! For the next two hours she left me in chastity whilst tormenting and teasing me without release.

To be continued………..

Mistress H’s No.1 Sad Sexless Chastity Slave.