Deviant students beware

Normally after a year, troublesome male students under Miss Pearson’s control have responded to her treatment, but Dickson is still showing perverted tendencies. Miss Pearson has become aware of three incidents which have occurred recently, though the details are sketchy. She will first have to “encourage” Dickson to provide the details of each one.

As it happens, Miss Pearson’s University professor from Prague is visting her on the day of Dickson’s tutorial. The prim, bespectacled Professor Valkyrie is a world authority on deviant young males, and has offered to assist Miss Pearson, firstly in extracting the details of Dickson’s recent behaviour, and then in supervising some novel punishment techniques which she has learned. Unfortunately she does not speak English, so all her discussions with Miss Pearson will be in Czech.

Dickson is surprised at the presence of the Professor, and wrongly assumes she is there as part of his education (in a way he is right). When Miss Pearson hands him his red panties and a dog collar and tells him to go and change into them and leave his clothes in the bathroom, he realises it may be a difficult tutorial. His protests attract a fierce reaction and a hard slap and rebuke in Czech from the Professor, firmly establishing her authority and causing Dickson to comply.

Once changed, Dickson knocks at the door meekly. Miss Pearson attaches his lead, and the interrogation begins.

Once the three confessions have been extracted, Dickson is hog-tied and gagged with his own panties while the ladies discuss (in Czech of course) the next stage of “therapy”. Even then they torment Dickson knowing his obsession with stockings, suspenders, lingerie and heels, they stand right over him as they discuss matters.

With the techniques agreed between them, the final part of Dickson’s tutorial begins……..

NB: Miss Pearson is Mistress Heelena in disguise