Foot fetish dream….


I am the ultimate foot fetish goddess and after you have tasted my delicious toes and licked my soft sexy soles you will be hopelessly addicted to me. You will be back for more, time after time. I love to take control of your mind and, believe me; I know just how your kinky mind works and how weak you are. I can make all your filthy foot fantasies come true and I have a superb array of clothes, shoes, boots, socks, stockings and many other playthings to help fulfil your horny feet dreams and make your time spent with me memorable.
I can be cruel, indifferent or kind, depending on my mood, but it always amuses and excites me to watch you grovelling helplessly at my feet while I tease you and I particularly love role playing!
Have you ever had a fantasy about worshipping your school teacher’s feet? I thought so. She would tease you all day, dangling and slipping off her shoes wouldn’t she? She would rub her stockinged legs together, tantalising you with the ‘swish’ of nylon, and make you sit under her desk, as a punishment before sliding her shoes off so as to give you a preview of the tantalizing aroma of her feet.
After school, you would be kept behind. She would sit on her desk, swinging her long shapely legs backwards and forwards, before making you kneel before her and asking you to remove her shoes. Then she would push her stockinged feet into your face, covering your nose. How she would laugh as she commanded you to breathe deeply or make you open your mouth before forcing her sweaty nyloned toes into the hungry opening. Then she would ask you to help her remove her stockings and to suck her toes or lick her smooth soles and heels. She would throw her head back in the ecstasy of the moment and groan…
How you loved those beautifully pedicured feet with those painted toe nails. How you were absolutely dying for her to force those toes…..
This had to be a little secret between you though. You wouldn’t want anyone to find out, otherwise the little games would have to stop, and the headmistress would have to get involved. Come to think of it, there’s another fantasy – not one, but two stocking-clad women looking for some fun….
Maybe it was the sexy secretary you always fantasized over, or the wicked, cruel boss, or was it both at the same time? What about the nurse that used to come to see you at night when all the other patients were asleep and nobody else was around? There’s nothing like a dominant woman in uniform with silky black stockings on, forcing you to worship her feet is there?
Has this whetted your appetite? I can take you to heaven and back with my feet, or would you prefer hell? How would you like to see me dangle my sexy high-heeled shoes in front of your face, with my feet encased in sheer stockings? You will love my smooth arches and you will be aching just to get a glimpse of my sexy little toes. I could trample you, with or without heels, or I might like to smother you, or simply use you as a footstool or doormat. Whatever happens, you will hardly be able to contain yourself when I remove my shoes and wriggle, curl and spread my toes in those silky stockings, but you mustn’t touch, until I say. Perhaps you would like to see how well your hard xxxx would fit in one of my shoes and through the peep-hole toe, while I laugh at you, but I want to see the pathetic look on your face for a while, until I let you touch my feet. I just might make you beg. I like to deprive you of your prize for a while. It excites me and gives me such a feeling of power over you. There is nothing better than watching a man submit to a woman and I feel wet just thinking about it. Then, and only then, will I let you worship my gorgeous feet. You can start by gently kissing and sniffing my toes and soles through the hose.
If you really please me, I will remove my stockings, very slowly and seductively. I might even let you take them off over my feet – with your teeth, of course. When I say so, I will allow you to suck on my toes and kiss my delicious silky soles and heels, but take your time and don’t rush – I want you to take me to 7th heaven. I don’t like rough treatment. My feet must be loved and adored gently. I want you to massage, kiss, suck, lick and caress my sexy feet and to watch you enraptured by them. Nothing like the feel of bare skin, is there? My toes look even better in the flesh and my shiny red painted nails will look so beautiful.
On second thoughts, I might want to tie you up while I tantalize and tease you. I will so enjoy watching you squirm while lying on the floor beneath my feet and if you don’t please me, I might have to punish you. I will bring my cane, just in case. I also have a collar and chain I use for disobedient slaves.
Maybe you’d like to meet me at a dungeon, where I can strap you up so that you can’t move at all. The leather strap will bite into your neck as you quiver with the excitement of feeling my perfect peds stroking up and down your body. I might just deprive you of such pleasure and you can watch my amusement as I spread my toes and bring them to within an inch of your face or even your xxxx. You will be able to smell the delicate scent of my feet but you will be unable to touch them. I will so enjoy your predicament and I can sense your excitement at the prospect. Deprivation is such fun and so exhilarating for both of us!
When you are unable to contain yourself any more, I expect I will give in and let you devour my cute little toes and nibble at my soles….
Have I got you all revved up then? I imagine you can’t wait to make an appointment with me now can you?