Extended orgasm denial session /PE therapy

As if two hours of extreme tease and denial wasn’t sufficient last time, slave S thinks he can deal with 6 (yes, SIX) hours of the same this time around. Since he’s flying in Dubai just for that purpose from a neighbouring (conservative) country he thought he’d better make it worthwhile.

Still – who could take 6 hours of tease and orgasm denial combined with a prostate massage and followed by a series of forced orgasms especially if you’ve previously indulged in releasing your load whenever the urge takes over you? Well, not anymore. This boy is aware of the fact that he suffers from premature ejaculation and I applaud him for his attempt to treat this annoyance! Surely the skill to “come on demand” will come in handy if he ever has a legal sexual partner – a real challenge in his part of the world.

How I am going to “kill time” I wonder during these tantalizingly painful moments? I might have to spend a great deal of time sitting on his face while I keep him on the edge….. and enjoy it!

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