a recent review from a Portuguese cuckold


I had come across Domina Heelena’s site over a year ago on one of my many business trips to London. I was looking for a foot fetish session and browsed many dominas online but Mistress Heelena’s feet caught my eyes.

I initially contacted her but as this was my first time ever booking a session with a domina I chickened out wasting her time. Over the course of the year I followed her on Twitter and accompanied her adventures while being amazed by her cultured lifestyle and intelligence as well as obviously watching her feet. On my last visit to London I finally decided to worship her in a session so I contacted her again. Upon realizing that I had already wasted her time, Mistress Heelena asked that I pay her a tribute. This was very fair and I was honored that she allowed me to book even after having wasted her time. On the night of the session I went to her very nice and well located flat where she was waiting for me.

She asked me some questions about the session, my fetishes and myself which was good to put me at ease. I was soon being ordered to strip naked and kneel on the floor to kiss her feet. During the session she wore different heels and boots allowing me to worship and kiss her feet in different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed having my head trapped between her legs and even having my cock crushed under her heels which was something I had my concerns over but enjoyed a lot. She even catered my cuckold fetish and had me suck on her big black strapon which was highly arousing for me. In the end I masturbated (with her permission) over her beautiful feet and came immensely as I rarely do. Mistress Heelena is a very intelligent and experienced Domina and will definitely leave you wanting to come back as soon as possible! For a first time she has really set the bar high and I don’t think I will be with other Dominas before returning to her.