subject: Servitude (servitude, really?!!!??)

Dear Miss Heelena
I have just discovered you online and I have to say you are breath-takingly beautiful and look so so classy.
I have always wanted to serve a classy lady such as yourself and was wondering if you would be interested in me serving you sometime in the next day or so? I love all forms of female domination apart from cross-dressing / feminisation although I realise it is what you want that is most important. I would sufer anything for someone as amazing as you but would particularly like to show my devotion with the following if this would make you happy Miss. Heelena:
I would love to suffer a shocking level of brutality and violence for you if it would make you happy:
1. A severe merciless trampling whereby you trample my chest, stomach, arms, hands and tops of my legs with sharp metal heels and shred me up to your hearts content. I mean really shred badly if you like.  To make me bleed and maybe even suffer broken ribs as you stomp on me would be unbeliavable. I am happy to sign any waiver that you may need.
2. A strong full-force punching and kicking to my body (apart from shins) if this would make you happy.
3. Other things that I would be happy to suffer for you: pony slavery whereby you ride me whilst spurring me in the thighs with ankle blades, cutting me up in the process. I can also be a toilet slave, barefoot slave (which I love) and various others.
All of the above I would of course only wish to offer myself for you if they made you happy. If you would not be happy then there would be no point in it all. Would the above make you happy Miss. Heelena? I know that most mistresses have limits and will not extend to extreme domination like this usually. I just really want to show how much damage a slave can suffer for you. Most ladies are reluctant to hit too hard or to tear flesh etc.
If this does interest you, would there be any possibility of me visiting you tomorrow?  I am sorry I know it is very late to ask.
Kind Wishes
slave james