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Mistress Heelena, This is a short testimonial I wrote about yesterday. I couldn’t write any more as I kept re living it and needed “relief”. I’ve been 4 times before work this morning. The heel marks are there too which I love.

“It was my first meeting and after a brief email outlining my particular tastes and scenario, I made my way over to Mistress Heelena’s dominion in the heart of Knightsbridge. I rang the bell and was struck almost speechless by her appearance. I have been a huge fan of Mistress Heelena from the Woman Worship website and believe me, those images do this Goddess of a woman no justice. She is absolutely stunning. She was dressed in a red dress and open toed red high heels. As soon as I walked in, she stopped me and said “Well, let’s have a look at you then?” At this point I was nervous. Very nervous and she sensed it but very quickly put me at ease with her conversation and laughter. After the initial formalities were over with, the conversation flowed with her commenting on how she liked my hair. She ran her hands through it and was un buttoning my shirt which felt amazing. And then with no warning, she went from being nice almost girlfriend like, to her dominant side. I was shoved to the ground and had her stiletto pressed into my chest. I was in heaven. It took me a year to summon the courage to come see Mistress Heelena and now I was living my fantasy of being at her feet.

With me lying semi, she took off her heels and promptly stood on my chest looking down at me. As I lay there with this stunning woman standing on my chest, I couldn’t help but feel so insignificant, and yet her level of attention made me feel special, almost chosen. I had an amazing session where Mistress kept taking me from emotion to emotion. She was nice one minute and trampling me in heels the other. An example was when Mistress was running her feet through my hair. She then got up and decided that her heels weren’t sharp enough and promptly got another pair and was trampling away. Her feet were amazing too. So beautifully pedicured and soft, and to top it off, Mistress genuinely loves foot worship. This makes it all the more enjoyable as you get a real sense that you’re serving Mistress how she wants.

Mistress really pushes you to the limit in her session when she senses you can handle it and she did, leaving me with so much more than I had requested. Slaves/Potential slaves, there isn’t a word I could use to describe her not only as a woman, but as a dominatrix. The closest thing I can say is, she is a Goddess with the look of an angel, the soul of an artist, and a mean streak that cannot be rivalled. Please please please go visit her. Mistress Heelena does not know how to disappoint.”

Regards, S

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