MH treats a patient with chronic erectile dysfunction

According to latest reports, Mistress Heelena has ventured into the field of alternative treatments.

Apparently, a local GP referred a patient suffering with chronic erectile dysfunction to a qualified psychotherapist who happens to be a friend of Mistress Heelena’s. Having made little progress with the patient’s problem, despite long and extensive psychoanalysis, the therapist, who cannot be named for professional reasons, eventually turned to Mistress Heelena for her advice and practical assistance.



Dressed in a long white shirt, unbuttoned slightly, to reveal a glimpse of her sexy Agent Provocateur red lacy bra, and matching red mesh hold-ups, Mistress Heelena reportedly ‘got to work’ on the patient in an effort to alleviate his difficulties, whilst the therapist observed, learnt about this “hands-on“ method and took notes of patient’s reactions to various procedures.

The patient’s treatment consisted of:

  • Stripping (naked)
  • Interrogation (including intimate enquiries into his previous medical, relationship and sexual history)
  • A ‘nipples, penis and balls’ test (to see how they responded to touch and pain, using scratching, slapping, squeezing, pinching, pulling, tying, peg, ice and wax techniques); and
  • Prostate examination/sensual prostate massage (with a gloved finger, prostate massager and finally a strap-on device)

Albeit slightly embarrassed, in the presence of two such beautiful Czech women, the patient not only co-operated willingly but responded like he hadn’t done for some time! In fact, he enjoyed himself so much, the obligatory semen extraction at the end of the session took a full one and a half minutes to complete, such was the efficaciousness of the treatment. We understand, however, that return visits are essential to ensure that the therapy remains effective. By all accounts, the client is simply delighted with the results.

Mistress Heelena commented: I am excited about the speed of the results. Action speaks louder than words, as always! This treatment may be politically incorrect but I don’t care about restrictions and regulations. I am currently recruiting patients/volunteers with similar problems to test several “alternative“ treatments on them. For obvious reasons, our bespoke therapy is not financed by the NHS and must be funded by the patient. Notice and deposit required for all bookings with my vanilla friend or double sessions.

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