The ‘out-cum’ is a new ‘in-cum’ tax!

Infidelities initiate new ‘in-cum’ tax

Mistress HEELena has announced she will be collecting a new tax, known colloquially as the ‘cum tax’ and perceived by some as a fine for releasing sexual tension under the supervision of: other mistresses, ‘so-called’ mistresses, ‘foot girls’, whores, ‘showgirls’, strippers, one-night-stands and similar. Wives and permanent girlfriends will be tax-exempt. A discount will be granted for a simple ‘DIY’ act of desperation. 

The ways to pay are quick and discreet (either email to arrange payment now or pay at the beginning of your next session) and tax-payers might have a say as to how the tax is spent. Naturally, the more you pay the more influence you will have but, ultimately, Mistress HEELena will decide how the funds are distributed.
50% of the tax will be donated to the Helen Bamber Foundation ( a UK-based, human rights charity, formed in April 2005, to help rebuild lives and inspire a new self-esteem in survivors of gross human rights violations. The remaining 50% will be reinvested in MH’s business, after covering running expenses of the scheme.

The new ‘law’ will come into effect immediately. Mistress HEELena commented, “It will be a challenge to police slaves’ actions, especially those who suffer from Acquired Obsessive Compulsive Promiscuity Syndrome’. Enforcing the new tax will be tough, but I am adamant that slaves will pay.”

She reiterated, “This is not a money-making scheme, as such, as there will be many social benefits. Some of the money collected will be distributed to women who were forced into the rape trade. My proposal is to keep the fines as low as £5 per ‘cum’ – a symbolic amount. This will help to encourage slaves to be transparent about their infidelities.”

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Finally, Mistress HEELena added, “I expect loyalty from my slaves, but I forgive all those who have cheated and confessed, provided they pay the new tax. After all, I don’t believe in ‘monogamy’ either and neither have I been faithful to my devotees – mainly due to the nature of my profession, I might add. Variety is the spice of life though, as they say!”

Tariffs: (all figures are inclusive of 20 % VAT)

* (£5) ‘Pay as you cum (suitable for impulsive ‘one-off’ misdemeanors)

* (£5) DIY (COGOF: cum once, get one free)

*(£15) Weekly pass

*(£50) Monthly Pass (Pay a fixed monthly sum and cum as often as you like – suitable for compulsive offenders, sex addicts and AOCPS sufferers)

UK residents click here

Non UK residents click here

All tax payers will have access to a donation confirmation from Helen Bamber Foundation. This will be communicated via a password protected blog post and only available to those participating in this scheme. All tax payers will be notified by Mistress HEELena via their preferred method when this is available to view.

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