Mistress Heelena confided to a friend recently that there is a huge demand from slaves for her to conduct sessions with dirty and /or sweaty feet.  For once, Mistress was very open about this and stated that it is very difficult for her to keep her feet out of the water when taking a bath (and impossible when taking a shower) so it is extremely arduous to try to meet these requests.

She revealed, however, that one way of ensuring her feet have the required ‘flavour’ is for the slave to take her shopping and/or lunch first and then worship her feet immediately afterwards , in her flat or, if he really can’t wait, in the taxi back to the flat!  For the ultimate humiliation, he could do it in the street or a crowded shopping precinct.  An even better idea though is to invite Mistress on holiday and worship her feet before she manages to have a shower in her hotel room after the long, hot journey. She might wear some nylons or socks for shopping, or travelling, to help enhance the ‘fragrance’ and ‘flavour’.


Can you visualise what it will be like when Mistress spreads her toes in her hose and compels you to inhale the sweet odour of her feet through the web of nylon?  Imagine the delicious scent and taste of her feet as she forces you to sniff them and demand that you lick the sweat from her bare soles and from in between her toes.  You mustn’t stop until her feet are completely clean though!!


On a practical note, for all you foot sniffing slaves out there; Mistress is planning a trip to Kenya in the coming months.  The aroma of her feet will be wonderfully redolent after the many hours that her cute peds will have been encased in her sexy shoes – after all, it’s such a long flight!  Why not ask if you can accompany her?


Alternatively, Mistress Heelena is always delighted to accept an invitation to go shopping (with or without lunch) or a European city break.  There are so many benefits for the discerning foot worshipper!


Terms and conditions apply, of course.  Please contact Mistress Heelena by email in the first instance.

domina-heelena @ gmx . com