brand new moisturizer

MH reveals a secret recipe for a moisturizer for her feet?

Mistress Heelena is well-known for her passion for organic foods and cosmetic products, but sources close to her have revealed that she has actually developed a miracle moisturizer, for her own feet, using a secret recipe developed in the course of her day-to-day business.

Word has it that the moisturizer is a major breakthrough in foot treatments.  Despite the lack of government regulation, Mistress Heelena’s ‘green’ reputation means that the moisturizer contains organic ingredients only and absolutely no toxic chemicals of any kind.  It is said to include a blend of organic essential oils and natural butters, such as raw cocoa and coconut together with a ‘mystery’ ingredient provided by her many slaves.

Allegedly, slaves have been queueing in the street outside Mistresss Heelena’s luxury flat in Pimlico to answer her appeal for ‘donations’ of the mystery ingredient to her amazing new product.  She has, however, had to turn many of them away, as the donation can only take place as part of a session with her and it is essential that the donor is a non-smoker.  One excited slave explained that he made his donation on payment of a premium tribute (of £220) to the Mistress for the privilege of ‘exploding’ all over her beautiful feet!

The world’s producers of beauty products are clamouring to find out exactly what the ingredients are but, when interviewed by the media, Mistress Heelena was tight-lipped about her amazing new discovery.  The Mistress did say that her donors can expect to be ‘rewarded’ when the new product goes into full production.  “After all”, she explained, “the moisturizer is most efficacious, it lubricates hard skin on the feet as well as hard ….”