when in Rome, do as the Romans do?

Mistress Heelena was spotted in Rome last week, cooling her sexy feet in a fountain near ‘Piazza Borghese’.

It seems that the scene of her displaying her feet, together with the Roman heat, caused certain pedestrians to lose control and the police had to intervene and ask the lady in question to move away from the fountain.  Half an hour later, Mistress Heelena was spotted again, this time with a mystery man, having lunch in a small restaurant in “Piazza Navona”.  It seemed to be a romantic lunch, but a close observation revealed that the relationship was not exactly equal between the pair.  Mistress Heelena was relaxing her feet on the slave’s lap, hidden under a long white tablecloth.  There was a puddle of water under the table as the man was massaging her feet with some ice.  She seemed to be enjoying it so much she started rubbing the slave’s face and crotch with her feet.  The police had to intervene again after complaints from some wives, as their husbands were distracted by the scene.

We all know that MH hates to feel “withdrawal symptoms”, especially when on vacation, and, not wanting to ‘spoil the moment’ with her slave, she decided that they should pretend to be just an ordinary mainstream couple.  Not for long though, as the mystery slave couldn’t stop himself from licking the mistress’s feet and sucking her toes during a taxi ride.  The taxi driver called the police again.  This time, the slave was taken to the police station and the mistress was warned, separately, not to repeat such unacceptable “naughty” behavior again in Rome.

MH had to defend herself the next day in Vatican, her new man nowhere to be seen. “This is outrageous. The Italians are not as hot-blooded and relaxed as I envisaged them.  Since when is having my feet washed in a fountain (in a 39 degree heat) by a man a public offence?  It’s not like I was having a  Rose otto bath in there!”

We believe she was referring to a gift from her new man. She further explained the he is actually not a “new man”, but a slave she has known for the past year.  She decided to go public with their relationship on this “romantic” break in Italy. They later disappeared into their hotel room for some private time.  When questioned, the hotel staff revealed that the couple ordered a bucket of ice for their room straight after arrival. “We didn’t investigate what their ‘icy’ intention was, but the steamy windows didn’t leave much to one’s imagination.

The slave, who wishes to remain anonymous due to his marital status, commented, “I’m very disappointed.  I’ve been planning this trip for a long time and it was ruined because of Italian hypocrisy.  Next time, I will have to plan a more secure and quiet place for my vacation with the Mistress.  Most probably, I will have to hire a private island.”

Having arrived in London, MH looked very excited and appeared with a new jewellery set that she apparently received from her mystery slave in Rome.  A close friend revealed that she has never seen the mistress as excited before and said “She is very happy.  This slave is showering her with gifts …… and not just gifts I believe; it seems that he really knows how to please the Mistress!”