Near collision of a taxi and a horse carriage near Buckingham Palace

dpsS reports from Central London….

Mistress Heelena was at it again, as one of her public stunts with a so-called ‘slave’ caused a commotion in central London.

In full view of the public, in St. James’s Park, and immediately outside Buckingham Palace, Mistress Heelena proceeded to use her slave as a footstool and was teasing him with her beautiful feet.  A startled taxi driver took his eyes off the road, lost control of his vehicle and narrowly missed the Queen’s carriage as she left the gates of the Palace.

One member of the public said, “I didn’t know where to look first.  The Queen was about to leave the Palace in her carriage, but I was watching, a beautiful woman, sitting on a man, like he was an armchair, and rubbing her feet in his face.  Then, all of a sudden, I heard screeching tyres and the clatter of horses’ hooves from behind me”.

A Palace spokesman said, “There was nearly a tragic accident.  The consequences of Mistress Heelena’s actions could have been disastrous, but I am pleased to say that Her Majesty, whilst a little shaken, was not injured.  Mistress Heelena has a lot to answer for though”.

Mistress Heelena’s slave, a senior civil servant, was questioned by police following the incident, but was released without being charged.  He said, “I had had a wonderful session with Mistress Heelena at her flat, followed by lunch.  When she ordered me to accompany her to the park so that I could continue having access to her feet, how could I refuse?”

Once again, Mistress Heelena calmly left the scene and was unavailable for comment.

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