Dining alone?

dpsS news agency

Mistress HEELena was spotted, apparently dining alone, and then leaving Mint Leaf, an exclusive restaurant in London’s West End last Wednesday.  Further investigation revealed that she was, in fact, dining with a so called ‘slave’ but, amazingly, he was observed under the table eating his dinner off her feet.



The restaurant manager, who was clearly embarrassed by the incident, apologized on behalf of Mint Leaf and made an official statement.  He said, “This is a TOEtally unacceptable behaviour and cannot be tolerated.  Our restaurant has an unrivaled reputation as an eating establishment and often has celebrity or high-class clientele visiting.  Diners can’t simply ignore protocol and spend half the time under the dinner table indulging in such indecent acts.”


When questioned, the staff said, “He devoured every morsel of his meal off her feet.  He even continued sucking her toes after he had finished eating while she serenely finished her dinner at the table.  He was in total awe of her and seemed to enjoy being humiliated in public”.


The City ‘slave’,  who cannot be named for legal reasons, explained, from custody, that he had had enough of giving orders that day – dinner time was dedicated to obeying orders from Mistress HEELena, and if she commanded him to eat his dinner off her feet, even in a posh restaurant, then he had to obey, regardless of the consequences.


Mistress HEELena was too angry to comment as she was seen leaving the restaurant, alone, with a collar in her hand, and her ‘slave’ nowhere to be seen.  An unnamed source, close to her said, ” She certainly likes to test the tolerance of the public.  Evidently she didn’t get away with it this time.”


Suffice to say, she DID get away with it, but someone had to be arrested for questioning, and it wasn’t the Mistress for sure.