Public sessions: cinema first

Mistress Heelena takes pleasure in publicly humiliating and teasing her slaves. Yesterday, she met one of her most passionate slaves, Steven, in a rather empty Cinema on King’s road. She rested her feet on his face as he lay down on the floor while she was watching a rather boring movie. Half way through, she decided it’s time to do some shopping in Wolford boutique and her favourite quirky store, All Saints. Slave was instructed to put her shoes on on the street in full view of  mere mortals. How exciting for us both! Of course it didn’t end there – we took a cab back to my flat and I continued to tease him with my feet  on the back seat and finished him off in my living room.

I enjoy meeting my slaves in selected public places – restaurants, parks, and of course cinemas. New slaves are required to book a private session before embarking on any public adventures.