How to embarrass yourself – part 1

1. send me a “copy and paste” email and introduce yourself as a “millionaire from the USA” to grab my attention

2. insist we would be a “great match” despite admitting you are an alpha male

3. invite me to the US to meet you, namely to Las Vegas because it is convenient for you – ignorant of the fact that I have been there already

4. Insist we should become partners despite the fact that you are 15 years my senior, explaining the age gap is not a problem at all (for you) and ignoring my explanation why I am simply not interested.

5. Offer to pay for a telephone conversation via PayPal seeing there is no other way of winning my attention, only to charge back after I had asked you to donate ANY AMOUNT to a charity of my choice as well as choosing a gift for myself from my wishlist to “prove your generosity and level of submission”.

6. Claim you are keen on travelling only to admit you don’t even possess a passport and enquiring whether you would be able to pay by $$$ in London.

7. Insist I would benefit from moving to Missouri as America is a FREE country and one can just do anything there… (like all the things one cannot do in Europe!)

8. and ask me – by the way, do I have health insurance (in the UK?)

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