Mistress Valkyrie plays with Mistress Heelena

Dear Mistress HeeLena,

I had a fantastic time during our both double sessions which we had with two of your devotees during last week. I wanted to say thank you publicly as I don’t often find such a good match in another dominant female. Our dynamics work brilliantly in and out of the session, which is rather unique and refreshing. I’m already thrilled at the thought of another session or party.

Lots of Love Mistress Valkyrie xxx


Dear Mistress Valkyrie,

 It has been an enormous honour to “play” with you last week. I was so excited at the very prospect of this and if I ever dared to have such an ambition, I would have never imagined it would be so daring, sexy and naughty. Admittedly, our dynamics are an unprecedented match and I am as thrilled as my devotees to have the opportunity to co-operate with such a fun loving and kinky dominant lady. I regret I couldn’t join you in Paris yesterday but I am hoping to visit you in Prague later this month. I cannot wait for more future adventures.

Mistress Heelena xxx


I am available for double sessions with Mistress Valkyrie provided at least 24 hour notice is given. Domestic setting in NW8/dungeon in SW1.