Mistress HEELena teamed up with Mistress Valkyrie to tease and humiliate her passionate slave


Czech Mates



… and he would like to share his impressions with you!



‘Thank you for my fantastic ‘double’ session yesterday – it was simply perfect.  You are a wicked, wicked mistress.  I went home yesterday with a big smile on my face and incredible memories that will last a long time.  It was such a pleasure to worship two such beautiful mistresses (and two pairs of sexy feet).  As before, you really got into my head and I would love to have another session with you both in the future. 
I understand that was your first double session with Mistress Valkyrie and I am honoured to have been the first ‘slave’ to participate with you both.  That was my first ever ‘double’ session’ and I would recommend it to any prospective ‘slaves’ out there – it was a totally ‘wow’ experience that I will never forget!!  You two are just amazing together.  I Hope to see you again real soon.

Thanks also for allowing me to take you for lunch and shopping afterwards.  You are amazing and delightful company.  I really enjoyed the privilege of walking round the shop, buying your groceries and proving what a reliable slave I can be.  I just loved removing your boots and massaging your beautiful, tired feet afterwards too!!  I just didn’t want the day to end.  The ‘grocery’ sessions that you offer are fantastic value for us slaves.  We get to spend a few hours with you for similar cost to an hour’s session.  You are such a fascinating and alluring woman to be with, even when you are picking food from the shelf in the shop.  I couldn’t take my eyes off you and I absolutely loved being with you! 

I would advise any of your devoted slaves out there to go for both sessions, like I did.  It will be a day they will never forget.