an escape from reality


I had such an exceptional week! I normally discourage outcalls but since I find it such a thrill to visit slaves in hotel rooms I did get out on several occasions this week, including a trip to the park for some public humiliation!

I was so excited as a shy North African slave opened the door for me on Saturday night (I love young shy Arabs)…. He confided he had been very nervous, almost scared prior to our meeting… Seconds later, a fruit platter arrived for Mistress to indulge in while having her Feet kissed, licked, sucked and massaged. No need to say I was on cloud nine the whole time as my slave was very thoughtful, fetching cushions for his Mistress to ensure She is comfortable….and unfortunately I did have to leave despite craving more attention from my slave boy (with a luxury gift!).


PS: I would recommend this “treatment” for all Arabs who are in town at the moment. This arrangement is in the interest of every party involved, unlike a liaison with an escort girl.


Public Humiliation session

I received an enquiry from a dominant sounding (!!!) Dubai based slave to “drag him around Hyde Park as a dog” (in a rainy weather) earlier this week. This totally discouraged me from ever accepting a booking for a public humiliation session. However, I did a show in my (fairly busy) local park this morning with another slave of mine after meeting him in a restaurant in Covent Garden  on Friday, when I felt very comfortable resting my feet on his legs while having my lunch.  I think I will indulge in foot worship sessions in public places more often now just to shock passer-bys!


Mistress HEELena