I have come across this blog while writing my own: down and dirty.

I found it very insightful. I can’t help but comment on it…I understand this is a very complex issue and there is no universal truth but I will try to present my opinion as it is at the moment.


What is so exciting about a guy dominating a woman? This is nothing new under the sun. We witness that over and over again in any society. It doesn’t require any special skills for a physically stronger guy to dominate a (willing)  woman.

In my opinion, submissive women are boring, easily overlooked and unchallenging. It’s extremely easy for a man to assert his power over a submissive woman…

On the other hand, the dominant, (unattainable) opinionated woman is much more attractive and intriguing – she knows what she wants and how to extract her pleasure. It requires skill and the right attitude to dominate a physically stronger man…

Women have had enough of being used for the pleasure of men – I guess the roles have reversed now!

There is a fundamental difference between the dynamics of a dominant woman and a submissive guy or a dominant guy and a submissive woman – simply because dominant women always have consent but it is not always the case vice versa.