Doing some research, I found some elaborate guidelines on how to “deep throat” – comprising of 5 steps, explaining this technique in detail. I don’t comprehend why women should suffer such an ordeal for men who are possibly not able to give satisfactory head anyway, despite the fact that it is much easier to perform? (You are not required to tilt your head back, have it hung off the bed or feel uncomfortable in any way).

Someone (scaringly, sounding like someone I know!) commented on the original guidelines:

If you master the technique (deepthroat), you will reach a climax just watching him… and you will have TOTAL control over him and “He will do anything to keep you from stopping. He will become your very own sex slave!”

I dare to to dispute this:
If anyone has control, it’s not the gagged woman but the man. And sex slave?? If anyone is to be classed as a sex slave, it would be the woman again and of course he would do anything to keep you from stopping – namely holding your head to make sure you are not able to stop.  And reaching a climax just watching him being in control? You must be out of your mind!

I also found some well meant advice on how to avoid the gagging reflex – apparently women should go as far as applying a topical anesthetic at the back of the tongue and throat to deaden it. Seriously, this is going too far! Why are women expected to endure inconveniencing practices to please men if they would not be prepared to do that for us? (Really, how far do they really go giving us pleasure??)


PS: You must be thinking that I must hate men by now. You are right – I hate alpha males who exploit women for their own sexual pleasure and don’t reciprocate. And just to clarify – I love to give head at my discretion to whoever earns it if he satisfies my criteria (not to clients or slaves!)