THIS IS A GENUINE EMAIL RECEIVED A DAY AFTER THE FILMING. I have protected the identity of both individuals involved.

dungeon scene with Mr. Walnut

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I know my partner of twelve years went to a ball busting shoot on Monday. I was wondering if it was with you and if there was any sexual intimacy between the pair of you. I understand that this is properly confidential but this is mine and my family’s whole lives that we are talking about.

His name is Dodge Walnut, he’s now living on the street because of this, but if I maybe some how knew for definite that there was no touching, except you kicking him in the nuts, I could somehow get through this. I know you must think I’m completely mad, but I’m just a woman with children to think about.
I hope you get back to me and thank you for taking the time to read this.


my response:

Dear Alison,

I have forwarded your complaint to the production manager/owner of the Ballbusting website in question to deal with it.

I gather you have no understanding of BDSM – let me assure you that due to my lesbian tendencies it is not in my interest to engage in any intimacy with middle aged men. Not every contact between men and women has to be of sexual/intimate nature. Please calm down and let him in the house otherwise Mr. Walnut will have to book an overnight stay in a cage with a professional Mistress so he doesn’t have to sleep on the street and that is very expensive.

PS: Your partner is not the only guy who has a family and is interested in such activities.
He fully consented to any BDSM activities he experienced that day.


Mistress HEELena