One of my Middle Eastern footslaves telephoned me last night from his hotel room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We spoke for ages and I was very flattered as he revealed how much he still cherishes the time we spent together 2 months ago in London (5 consecutive days during which we established an extraordinary rapport). He confessed he felt so horny thinking about me and the mental image of worshipping my pussy brought him on the verge of orgasm. He made me quiver with excitement as I recalled him caressing my feet and legs. As a result, Mistress was so horny she had to end the conversation and grab her (still brand new) strap on and one other complementary toy and disappear in the bedroom….

During our sessions in London I urged him to concentrate on his wife’s sexual pleasure more. He promised he would please his wife more often from now on (in the same way Mistress adores herself) as opposed to keeping it for special ocassions. I was pleased as he confirmed he doesn’t deny his wife any more of that bliss since I stressed the importance of it.

It is rewarding to know I had such a positive influence on their sexual relationship, and especially the enjoyment of his wife. Next time he visits me I must re-test his skills.

PS: For those who are not aware I favour arrangements with members of different cultures – it adds to my excitement!